Consensus decision-making workshop (weather permitting)

Storke Tower

Ry Brennan from Bonfire Collective and Student Activist Network will lead a consensus decision-making workshop on the picket line. This workshop is designed to teach all attendees to facilitate productive and inclusive meetings that horizontally distribute knowledge and responsibility.

Undergrad committee meeting

South Hall 2714

Open to everyone interested in undergrad outreach and participation in COLA

COLA General Assembly

San Clemente Center

Weekly general assembly for grads and allies to discuss and make decisions regarding COLA.

Teach-In on U.S. Anti-Austerity Uprisings since 1994


The Past as Prologue: The case of the Wisconsin uprising, the trajectory of the 1990s-2010s anti-austerity and anti-corporate movements in the U.S., and what they mean for the UC strike. Ben Manski was a leading activist in the 2011 Wisconsin Uprising and in anti-corporate and pro-democracy upsurges leading up to it, including the Seattle 1999 … Continue reading "Teach-In on U.S. Anti-Austerity Uprisings since 1994"

COLA General Assembly

As decided on Monday's General Assembly, we will have another General Assembly for all grads and allies this Friday, location TBD. Having General Assemblies on Fridays will help provide enough time to plan for events the following week.

COLA General Assembly

To mitigate against the spread of COVID-19, our GA's are going mostly on Zoom for the foreseeable future. We will send the link out sooner to the date.  

COLA General Assembly

Our weekly GA will be Monday, as usual. Again, it'll be virtual on Zoom. Link will go out shortly before.

Organizing Meeting

(virtual) Meeting to discuss proposals and prepare for the Monday General Assembly. Link will be sent shortly beforehand.

Grievance Training

Sheila and Dylan will lead a training on the process for filing grievances related to academic student employee contract violations with UC labor relations. Zoom link will go out the mailing list.

COLA General Assembly

Virtual general assembly for updates and voting on proposals. Link will be sent out shortly beforehand.

Organizing Meeting

Join us for our regular Friday COLA organizing meeting. Check in your email for the Google Meet link.

April 20 GA

To request an access code for the GA call, please fill out the following form. Once you have an access code, you can fill out the following form to join the GA.