Email Templates

Template for undergrad statement of support/request to withhold grades

Dear [professor name, TA name, department chair, Chancellor Yang, EVC Marshall, Dean Genetti, AVC/Dean Armistead, AVC Stopple, and President Napolitano,]

My name is [your name], I’m a student in [course] and I’m reaching out to request that you withhold my Winter quarter grade in support of the UCSB graduate student wildcat strike. Graduate students across the UC system are striking for a cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) in an effort to bring them out of rent burden, and as an undergraduate student, I support the strike. As such, I ask that you honor the digital picket by withholding my grade.

Click here to learn more about the COLA movement at UCSB. If you’re interested in statements of support from various UCSB departments, you can read them here. See the Faculty FAQ here for more information.

Thank you for your time and for withholding my Winter grade.


[your name]

Admin emails addresses to CC in this email:,,,,,

Template for TAs/GSIs contacting undergrads

Feel free to edit this template (especially the bracketed parts) to suit your circumstances! Look here to download the grade request chart and the solidarity guide to attach directly to your email.

Dear students,

Because I understand that things are hectic, I am proactively contacting the class to inform you that I, as well as many other graduate students, will continue striking for a Cost-of-Living Adjustment through the end of winter quarter. I will not be submitting final grades except for students in circumstances that need them immediately – consult this chart to see if your situation requires a grade. If you need your grade, please inform [me OR professor’s name (as agreed upon between the two of you)] and [I/he/she/they] will submit it, no questions asked. It is very important for us to minimize the negative impacts of the strike on our students. You may request informal grades and feedback from [me OR professor’s name (as agreed upon between the two of you)] in person or through email, even while official final grades are withheld from the university. 

Graduate students across the UC are risking their jobs and education to fight for a university that works for all of us, not just the unelected regents and donors. As undergraduate students, you have the power to support the strike by telling your TAs and professors that you wish your grades to be withheld (undergraduate solidarity guide).  You can use this template to contact them.

This strike is not just at UCSB: grads at 5 UC campuses (Santa Cruz, Santa Barbara, Davis, San Diego, and Berkeley) are now on either a full teaching strike or a grading strike, and COLA organizing is happening at every UC. Around 1,000 TAs across the state are expected to withhold grades at the end of the month, and this number will likely increase. 

You can find more information on our website and by contacting us here. If you have any lingering concerns, use this anonymous form for undergraduates, and a COLA organizer will respond to you.


[your name]

Template for parents statement of support to admin

Email Contact Information:


Dear [Chancellor Yang, EVC David Marshall, Dean Carol Genetti, VC Margaret Klawunn, AVC/Dean Katya Armistead, President Janet Napolitano, and/or the UC Regents]:

As a parent of an undergraduate student at UCSB, I am writing in support of striking graduate student workers. I recognize the indispensability of graduate student teachers to the quality of education undergraduates receive, and the challenges faced by so many graduate students to fulfill the responsibility they take so seriously to undergraduate education while also doing their own work and trying to survive in this economy.

It is clear to me that despite the administration’s claims otherwise, the real threat to undergraduate education is the administration’s refusal to provide TA compensation adequate to meet the needs of graduate student workers. 

I urge UC administration to reinstate the graduate student workers whose employment was terminated on February 28, 2020 at the University of California, Santa Cruz and to negotiate with striking graduate student workers across the UC. I hope you will do so immediately so we may return to the shared mission of educating the next generation.

The UC is a public institution that should serve the people of California. Yet UC undergraduates face ever-increasing tuition, which many undergraduates can only meet through parent and/or student loan debt. I support a COLA for UC graduate students because I understand the importance of supporting a high quality of education and ensuring that higher education remains accessible to all communities. The UC graduate student strikes demonstrate to undergraduates the importance of working toward equity and the possibilities of what a public university could and should be. The COLA movement provides the UC the opportunity to lead the rest of the country in upholding the importance of public education.

A Concerned Parent,

Template for anyone contacting politicians

Email Template

Dear [Name of the Politician],

I am contacting you on behalf of the graduate students of UC Santa Cruz who are being punished by police brutality and have now been sent letters of intent of dismissal for not being able to afford rent. Those who are fired, including pregnant and immunocompromised people, will lose their health insurance during a global pandemic. Some UCSC strikers have now also been suspended and cannot step foot on university property (including university-owned housing and university healthcare centers). Please check out their website at for more information.

On Thursday February 27, UC Santa Barbara and UC Davis joined UCSC, launching their own full and grading strikes, respectively. UCSD began their grade strike on March 9, and UCB begins their full strike on March 16. Graduate students on all UC campuses are now organizing around this issue.

We need your help. One of our strongest weapons now is publicity.

Thank you,

[Your Name]

Tweet Template

UCSC, UCSB, UCD, UCSD, and UCB grad students are on strike with massive support from faculty, undergraduates, and grads from other UCs. UCSC admin has responded with police brutality, mass firings, and suspensions. Please take note, we need your support!
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