Running 100 Miles Per Week

Running 100 Miles Per Week. If you can run 30 miles per week for a majority of the year, your half marathon time will be faster than if you only ran 30 miles in the weeks leading up to a race. I dedicated each mile to one woman, and was able to fund raise just over $1,000 for the national indigenous womens resource center.


“optimum training benefits are found in the low mileage zone.” You can keep right on building up to a 100 mile week if you want to, but just jumping into it will get you injured. Give it time to adapt.

Your goal for ground to cover each week is 20 to 30 miles. Complete the same distance every time they go running. You want to avoid making significant increases in your weekly mileage, especially if you are including any speedwork or tempo runs. Here is a 100.1 mile week from my marathon training segment last year: