Destiny 2 Resilience Vs Recovery

Destiny 2 Resilience Vs Recovery. This would indicate to me that recovery is stacking at a much higher rate then resilience where each point is only worth 1 health after 5 points. Resilience is a little better but it isn’t as noticeable.

Destiny 2 Armor's Improvement Mobility, Resilience and
Destiny 2 Armor's Improvement Mobility, Resilience and from

If you get one shot, you die and neither recovery nor resilience mattered, but if you survive a fight with low health you can. After you've got 5 there, recovery is important because when it's low, it takes a ridiculously long time to begin health regen. Stat breakpoints in destiny recovery times per point

Destiny 2 Armor's Improvement Mobility, Resilience and

It used to be that resilience would make certain types of weapons have higher times to kill on you, but more recently i've seen where some people were dropping resilience in favor of recovery due to so many weapons being one shots anyway; The new stats are based on levels, which affect how tough guardians are in a firefight, how fast they recover, and how quickly they move. Recovery at max gives something like 40% faster recharge rate and delay to get you back to full hp for the next fight or even while you are taking cover. The recovery, resilience and mobility statistics in destiny 2 are something that many players often ignore.